Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name?

I'll begin. I'm Stacy. Hi. 

For me, photography is an expression of intimate connection, where imagery is understood as the language of the soul. Sometimes it's a communion of souls, sometimes it's a way to communicate my own internal landscape. My mission is to artfully tell a story through the stillness of a single frame, and my hope is that the story is felt in a way that touches something deeper within. 

For those who come to be seen through my lens: I am here to support your dream, your business, your vision, your story, your transition, your love, your truth. I am here to be an illuminated reflection of your brilliant divine light. My work (both professional and personal) is devoted to standing in my own radiant becoming so that I may witness the divinity of your shining soul through imagery.

Together we are a collaboration.
Of humanness. Of divinity. Of art. Of magic. Of soul. Of all that is.
If you are ready and willing, I would love to show you how I see you. 

Stacy de la Rosa works from her home studio in Los Angeles and is also available for travel. Sign up below to find out when she will be visiting your town.

I don’t consider myself a shy person, however, getting my picture taken can make me feel embarrassed and vulnerable. Something about being the subject (and the only subject) of a photo shoot for portraits puts the pressure on.

Stacy has a magical way of making her subject feel like her muse, like everything that is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening and the shoot is effortless. So effortless for me that I thought it would be okay even it the pictures weren’t fabulous. However when I saw the pictures my jaw dropped.

I have never seen myself portrayed in such a beautiful, sensual and magical light. It was as if all the hopes and dreams I have had about what I would BE someday were right there in these photos - like I had ‘arrived’. I feel that my photos (and many others I have seen that Stacy has shot) have a common thread of three graces - The Divine Feminine, Mother Nature, and a woman who is swimming in the glorious beauty of her very own self.

Stacy successfully opens this portal and actually records it on film. Stacy de la Rosa is an unbelievable photographer and it makes me feel like a Queen that I have portraits done by her. Such a very precious gift to give oneself and the world.
— Anna Wingfield - Napa Valley Au Natural