stacy de la rosa is a photographer, designer, writer, artist, and maker. she draws inspiration from her children, the phases of the moon, the scent of saltwater, the mystery and magic of tarot, layers, textures, poems and poets, the way certain songs will stay, fallen tree branches, and the stories that live in the human heart. 

she holds a BFA in design. she has also studied depth psychology and is certified in creative arts therapy. she has over twenty years of experience both in the film industry and working with private clients and collaborators. she uses archetypal exploration, astrological influence, dreams, and lived experience to craft her imagery. 

in addition to her photographic and design work, stacy is a full time branding + website designer, project manager, and small business development consultant.

stacy currently lives in a peacock-filled canyon on the outskirts of los angeles where she is mama to two daughters and a doxle dog named max.

stacy is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about collaboration and availability by saying hello:

Do you remember? The time we stood in forests bare from bra’s and barriers?

Where you meet me. The real deep, ferrous and gentle me. The one that needed to be seen.

Do you remember how you held my soul and helped it open up wide? How the sun felt upon our skin and how I found a rose quartz in the soil?

How one moment turned into many and then I knew I loved your soul?

Do you remember all the long, long seasons that brought you into the fullness of your queenship so you could rise others too, deep in the forest?

I’m thankful that you rose above each hardship to offer what and who you are. You make immense change in this world by being who you are, and by helping others be who they are too.
— the kindest testimonial by Ashley Fincham