I believe in kind communication and clear policies. Here are my FAQs so you can get a feel for how I work. I have made these available so you can make an informed decision on if I am the photographer for you.  Thank you for taking the time to read these. If you aren't able to find what you are looking for here, please book a free consult with me here. I would love to talk to you. 

Republishing policies:

Can I share something you wrote and/or a photo of yours with my Facebook group?

If you have seen a photo or something that I have written that resonates with you, you have my permission to share it on your blog, in your course, in your group, in your classroom, or on your social media pages. You don’t have to ask me first, (though I absolutely appreciate it!) but I do require that you credit the words or photo with my name and a link back to this site stacydelarosa.com. Or if it’s on social media, I kindly request that you tag me so I know. And thank you for wanting to share something of mine! How awesome are you?

Photo session policies:

I want to book a session with you, do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Once your $250 retainer is paid, shoot me an email and we will work out a plan for you. 

How do I book a session with you?

I am in the process of setting up an automated system, but for now shoot me an email to get started. Once your deposit is made you will immediately receive a  digital welcome package directly to your inbox which will include a pre-session questionnaire, links to schedule your pre-session and post-session consultations, a couple documents for you to review and sign, and all the info you will need to know and prepare for our time together. Your deposit confirms your session and the real fun begins!
*please note that I will not hold any dates without a deposit.

What if I need to cancel my session?

I request 72 hours notice to cancel as some sessions require equipment rental, hair and makeup, etc.

If you book a session with me and need to cancel or reschedule it for any reason, please understand that your $250 retainer fee is non-refundable nor transferrable. 

But you know, we all know life happens - so if you do need to reschedule we will quickly find you another date on the calendar. 

Image file policies:

Will you give me all the RAW images from our session?  

The short answer is no. But since it’s the most frequently asked question I receive, I want to help clients understand why. First off, I know how exciting it is to hear the camera clicking all through our session and that you don't want to feel like you are missing out on any photos and want them all. I understand, I do. And I also ask you to trust me to do the job you hired me for. 

From a more technical standpoint, RAW means more than unedited images. They are also uncompressed meaning they are extremely large files which most people won’t even be able to open on their desktops without the proper editing software. They are also not true to color so that straight out of the camera look some people love, in truth require some fine tuning when shot in RAW.

Also to give you all of the images would be overwhelming. I take hundreds of photos during a session and part of my job is to go through them all and present the cream of the crop for your gallery. Trust me when I say that I am not keeping any good ones from you. There is all love and intention and years of experience that go into my process. I don't put a cap on the amount of images that will end up in your gallery because I promise you I will fill your gallery with all the delicious ones from our session. 

But there is more to it than that - an appropriate analogy would be this: When you purchase a book and hold it in your hand, you are holding the end result of an entire process that the author went through. When you purchase that book, you do not receive all of the author’s notes, rough drafts and edits - you are receiving the final artwork. This also holds true for painters, sculptors, film makers…  and photographers.  I don't receive payment for my process, I receive payment for the final images. 

This answer also applies to those who ask if they can have the RAW or unedited images so that they can edit themselves at a later time. Sorry, but no. To echo the analogy above, that would be the equivalent of an author giving someone all of their notes and having them write the book. Though there are photographers (and perhaps writers) who may be fine with that, I am not one of them.

Instead of prints, will you just give me all the images in my gallery on a disc so I have them?
I no longer use disks because the disks themselves can be easily damaged. Clients will receive a pin number to download the image files as part of their final image gallery. I do have jump drives available for clients who prefer an external way to receive their digital images. 

All other questions:

Is there another way to work with you outside of booking a photo session with you?

Yes! If you are photographer, I invite you to check out Encompass Editing & Education where I help busy photographers grow their businesses. I also facilitate in person embodiment workshops through In Her Skin.

What can I expect during our time together?

Safety. Connection. Magic. Fun. Exploration. Food. Dancing. Vulnerability. Shenanigans. Those are the basics, the rest will unfold organically. Every session is as unique as the human who booked it. 

Do you photograph only women?

Not exclusively, but I tend to photograph mostly humans who identify as women, yes. I am open to anyone who is looking to visually translate their story and thinks I might be someone to collaborate with. If you don't see yourself currently represented in my portfolio, please know that my offerings are inclusive. My preferred client relationship is one-on-one. Having said that, families, couples, events, and weddings are considered if an intimate relationship has already been established with at least one of the people involved. 

Do you still offer family sessions?

No, but I have some referrals if that is what you are looking for.

Do you ever do mini sessions?

No. Having said that, I may be scheduling a few portrait parties starting late summer of 2017 in my home studio - which will function more or less like a mini-session.

What should I do to prepare? What do I wear? How do I pose?

When you book your session you will receive a welcome package and a link to book your pre-session consultation. Inside your welcome package you will find a document that will help you prepare for your session and we will go over these questions during your consult so that all you will need to do on the day of your session is show up and be loved.

Have a question? Email me at stacy@stacydelarosa.com