in her skin


there is a story of how this all happened...

the one we each experienced through and within the body, and the one about how the word and image was unleashed and shared, birthing the beginning of in her skin.

it has always been a conversation and return to knowing, deeply personal and radically collective.

stacy wrote this post, about the stranglehold of body shame, what it looks like when we cease to see our bodies as doll parts and view ourselves as whole, the way a lover would.  a peek into her own journey of self-abandonment, unraveling, the goddess inanna and facing our own shadows. for her it serves as a love letter honoring the deliciousness of a woman’s body, through it’s various initiations – a woman returning home to be in her skin.

isabel had her own experience of an unlikely pilgrimage of returning to her own embodiment and knowing it as a holy human place in which to live her time on this earth. in this, she wrote “belonging to the body,” about wrestling with cancer and falling in love with flesh. about the need to leave the body, the tangles of sexuality, and the long road to finding my way back, returned.

both of them received a powerful ripple (and earthquake shake) response, as we continued to hear from women who were, themselves, wanting to walk through the doors of exploration, into the questions which ask to be lived.

our love and our creative collaborations of image andword has brought us, again and again, to questions of what it means to reclaim and live embodied, present to the wholeness of our own unique experience.


  • what would it be like to hold my own gaze and not look away?
  • how do i remain intact, when everything around me insists upon dissection and fragmentation?
  • can i choose to be present with my embodied experience, without being required to like it or change it or transcend it?
  • how will i respond to a world that is insistent on telling me how to be, what to do, and all the ways i am getting it wrong?
  • how much space am i willing to occupy in my own skin and life?
  • can i love my body as home, not in spite of but perhaps because of its broken places and soft want?
  • can i meet myself, remain present with myself, in my skin?



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