Lillith – The Unshackled Woman archetype 8x10 Print

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Lillith – The Unshackled Woman archetype 8x10 Print



Lillith – The Unshackled Woman archetype

Restless as the sea she comes, rebellious as the raging wind. 
Untamed, she roams freely through the wild landscape of syncretism. 
Unshackled, she shakes and moans, guided by the serpents tongue of her shadow into pleasures rising her fully into the mastery of her own life. 

Misunderstood in our culture as the forgotten bride of Adam, we must also consider a woman whose values perhaps never included conventional marriage or how a woman should behave according to a man. 
What if Adam didn’t forget her? 
What if it was Lillith who remembered her self?

Freedom from domestication is what she offers those who have been taught to value reason over natural instinct. She provides an invitation into inquiry to those who were taught that their worth was given only by the man whose love could transform her self destructive ways into something honest and good. 

The snakes aren't what they seem. 

Lillith brings venom like the sweetest taste of liberation, honeyed orange blossoms dripped onto the tongue, warm and slithering down your skin, leaving you sticky and wanting more. 

Owing nothing to no one, she shatters conventional paradigms, 
feasting fully in her primal sensuality and creativity of all that is wildly feminine and free. 

Model and muse: Nika Ridley

Print size: 8x10

Please note that the watermark will not appear on your print.

This is an archival pigment print made on Canson Baryta Photographique Paper: an acid-free, thick and luscious, museum quality paper with a gorgeous satin finish and aesthetic of original darkroom Baryta papers. 

Printed with a border for easy matting, your print will arrive to you signed and dated.

Ships flat in a protective acid free biodegradable sleeve atop recyclable cardboard for maximum protection.

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