“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer” 
Walter de Mulder


As photographers we move through the world as witness, seeing the unseen, finding meaning in light + shadow, bringing beauty to the world. We find photography to be medicine for the soul. 

I often dream of traveling the world with my camera with the sole purpose of creating imagery. What usually stops me is money and resources. So I had a thought…
What if a small group of photographers with a similar vision from all over
came together and:

  • traveled to diverse, culturally rich, and exciting destinations
  • rented a badass, hella fab private residence/artist space 
  • pooled our money - to make badass dream space possible
  • brought our hearts, souls, and our hunger to create imagery to the table
  • made a decent amount of art over the course of a few days
  • enjoyed some really good food
  • shared resources and learned from each other
  • cultivated a safe and trusting community of photographers
  • created space for laughter and perhaps a late night dance party or two

In this inquiry, the idea of Through Our Lens came through. A community of soulful photographers/artists meeting up at different locations with the intention to expand our body of work, our portfolios, our resources, and our life experiences. 

My intention behind this gathering is to make art in a soul-nourishing space.  We will all share the cost of the space equally amongst the attendees of each session - in other words I won't be profiting off of these gatherings. The idea is for us all to be able to make art and imagery in the kind of settings we might not be able to otherwise on our own.

We will each be free to shoot what we want - we can bring in clients/models for sessions, collaborate on a creative project, play with lighting and film, explore the city, enjoy the benefits of an aritistic community in the flesh, and learn from each other, each time in a new location. Come to one, come to all, you are welcome here. 

  • The first Through Our Lens retreat will take place in June 2017.
  • Our first location will be New York.
  • Those images above? Yep, New York. That's what I'm talking about. Start spreading the news indeed...
  • Please enter your email address below if you would like more information or think you would like to attend one or more of these gatherings.
  • Upcoming destination considerations will include Paris, Morroco, and Mexico.
  • Group size for each event will be capped at eight.